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Sublimation is a process by which full color images, business logos, photographs, illustrations etc. can be placed on over 3,000 items!  A relatively new process, what makes sublimation so special is that images come out vibrant, colorful and the same quality as the original!  Requires no minimum quantity purchases.

Sublimation is . . .

Perfect for school & sports promotion

Backpacks, water bottles, stadium cushions, dry erase boards, car flags are just some of the over 300 different items that can be personalized with your school or sports team logos.

Also great as a fundraising project that everyone will love!

Sublimation is . . .

Ideal for decoration purposes around the home

Sublimated items make wonderful, personalized ways to remember the good and very special times of your life.  From a simple decorated light switch cover to over 3,000 items in our catalog link below, you will find numerous ideas to give your home that very special touch.

Sublimation is  . . .

a great way to promote your business or show your love

Some business uses are mugs, mouse pads, business card holders, message boards, plaques etc.

Personal matters of the heart are expressed wonderfully using water bottles, photo panels, photo murals, planter boxes etc.

Sublimation is  . . .

A new & exciting way to display your photographs

Chroma luxe panels are a new and exciting way to display your most cherished memories.  Also, very, very popular are the new photo murals.  These are simply breath taking! 


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